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"Expert Advice" by the Hour

Website Development, Internet Marketing, Communications, Business Management. If you need a sounding board or some quick business advice, put “Expert Advice” in the subject below form. 


How it works: We will create an agenda and set up a time to discuss your needs. I use my knowledge and experience to answer your questions and offer advice for a fee of $75 for a one-hour session.


To start: Email me your “Expert Advice” request with the areas of your website and marketing development. List all your questions as clearly as you can. I will follow up, usually within 24 hours, to set a day/time and include an agenda for a Zoom conference call. You will get a copy of our video conference for review and reference. A few days prior to the “Expert Advice” meeting, you will receive an invoice to make an advance payment prior to our call. My email address is cayerconsulting@gmail.com.



Consulting by the Project

This is a project-based approach. The consulting fee is a flat rate, based upon a predetermined scope-of-work. A project typically spans a 30 to 60 day period.


To Start: Complete the form below with the subject "Project Review" and include a quick overview of your needs and a time you’d like to discuss your business challenges. Following our initial phone discussion, I will prepare the first draft of a proposal for your review and feedback. It will include details of the work to be completed with any deliverables (such as written reports or assessments), the consulting fee, proposed time frame plus any expenses (such as travel for an on-site visit).


The consulting fee is a flat rate, based upon the predetermined scope-of-work. If you want to move forward after reviewing the first draft proposal, I’ll create a final version for your approval. Then, the start date will be set. A bill for the first month’s consulting (or 100% of the fee if engagement is less than a month) will be sent to you. Advance payment is due before starting the work.


If you have specific questions or needs you’d like to discuss now, please email   cayerconsulting@gmail.com


FREE evaluations of your project as part of my "Pay it forward"

belief system.



Ask about "Sliding scale" for those that don't have resources but have BIG DREAMS.



Karen Cayer


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