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Karen Cayer

Certified Professional Coach

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My name is Amanda Pike, and I am a psychotherapist in the state of Texas. I worked with Karen when I was moving from a brick and mortar practice to a virtual psychotherapy practice. When you don’t have an address for insurance to refer clients to you, it’s a different marketing situation. I found Karen so easy to work with and very knowledgeable. She had that exact experience, helping therapists market a virtual practice so I felt extremely comfortable that she knew what I was facing.  


She very quickly and professionally built me a Wix website. She has been giving me guidance how to take it over, and integrating the SEO part of marketing included. I have been very hesitant to use social media for marketing, and she directed me how to create those accounts, link them to Wix, and also the process of buying ads on those sites.


She’s also been advising me on blogging and makes it seem so simple and easy, I’ve already post some. She really has just counseled me to increase my motivation for marketing through the website and social media.


I am so grateful for her knowledge, now that it is all set up. It is very easy and simple. My fear is gone and my motivation is high. It really is a little bit of a miracle.


If you were like me, and have avoided the marketing situation, please give Karen a call. She has such great knowledge and overall is just a wonderful coach. She picks systems that are very user-friendly for people like myself. I am so glad I reached out to her!


Amanda Pike

Business dreams are the seeds of innovation, and every step taken with purpose becomes a stepping stone towards the summit of success.

At Cayer Consulting, we believe in nurturing those dreams and building the path that transforms aspirations into achievements.
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