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About Karen Cayer

Karen Cayer Cayer Consulting

I love helping people solve their business problems. I help clients define the stepping stones they will need to succeed. Whether it's their personal goals or business mission. Our life's training is a combination of unique experiences. It's what makes our visions unique.


I have over 40 years of experience and training in clinical psychology, business development, and Internet technology. I have combined these interests and skills to help hundreds of clients succeed in their business dreams.

I consult with the insight and passion of an entrepreneur because that is what I am at heart. I love to build projects and business models that fit my client's specific needs. I use my psychology to help understand the emotional aspects of the project. I am your cheerleader!!

As a feminist, I bring a critical eye to the social implications and work to help create a fairer and socially congruent construct to all project designs. I believe that business has a responsibility to be socially ethical.

I am a freelance consultant at Cayer Consulting. Where I offer guidance and expert knowledge for your big picture. 

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Transforming LIves with Holistic Tools Award
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Developing an idea to put on an event?

Want to start a business? Need help writing a business plan?

Need help deciding what to do next in your job search or career development?

Need a web presence?
I've helped over 350 clients develop theirs!

Do you need to think about staff development and don't know where to start?

Are you thinking about business in the Cannabis industry?  
I can walk you through each step of the process of setting up a Cannabis Compliant business.

Get your FREE EVALUATION of your business.  

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