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Are You Mastering Social Media for your Business?

Baby steps can make you an expert.

All of us learned how to walk by baby steps. Sometimes other aspects of life can be like that all over again. Sometimes learning means falling down until

eventually we grasp the concepts of gravity long enough to run toward our life's desire.

Learning how to develop and manage your Social Media can feel like that sometimes. Especially if you are feeling like your posts are missing the market with your products branding and no one is really liking or adding comments to your posts.

On our last post we discussed ten stepping stones to Social Marketing. This week we are checking in and taking a little inventory on those stepping stones.

Here are some questions every business owner who uses Social Media Marketing could be asking themselves that will let them grow business market.

  1. Are you in the right social platforms?

  2. Have you completed all of your account profiles on each of your platforms?

  3. Are you posting new content consistently?

  4. Are you active and engaging?

  5. Are you linking to your website on your Social Media posts?

  6. Are you posting images, videos or sounds?

And if you are asking yourself if Social Media is relevant consider these numbers from Pew Center Research.
65% of Online Adults Use Social Networks
79% of Online Adults Use Facebook
Adult usage as reported by Pew Research Center
  • 79% of use Facebook

  • 32% of use Instagram

  • 31% of use Pinterest

  • 29% of use LinkedIn

  • 24% of use Twitter
I hope you are enjoying these updates. I'm writing them with my current clients in mind and content is always changing.
If you need help with your Social Marketing let me help you build your stepping stones to success.Contact me directly at
for your free evaluation consultation.

One small act of kindness is righteous and true.

Pay it forward today!

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