Content is an investment in your business and should be aligned with your business goals. In blogging like branding, content consistency is more important than quantity. Here's my quick list Blogging 101. BLOGGING 101 Blogging is the act of writing in such a way that you are having a conversation with your reader. Use the words you and I. If you are not using those words you are not including the reader in the conversation. Sometimes, I will write one sentence paragraphs to help the reader stay with me. (smiley face) Use Bold to help highlight your blog salient points. MORE BLOGGING 101 Use Sub Headings as a way to help the reader understand the flow of the article. Write a conclusion and ma

How important is Social Media to your Business?

If I asked you how important Social Media was to your company what would you say? Would you think that the posts every other month was sufficient? The data that has come out actually proves companies that cater to their audience via social media have tremendous advantage over their competitors. Why you ask? Great question. Social Media does not depend on how many followers a business has. Instead, it depends on customer engagement. Consider this chart I found while researching. When asked the question, “How important is Social Media to your Business?” And there are many platforms to work from so choosing the best one’s for you and your business is important. Visit our Social Media page for

The day I realized. "I am missing the joy of my children’s lives."

It hit me so hard I said it out loud to an empty room. “I am missing the joy of my children’s lives.” I stood frozen over the kitchen sink where I had been preparing vegetables for supper. Earlier in the day I had received a call from my daughter and I was smiling as I reflected on her good news and at her career success. I thought about how both of my kids had started their careers at the bottom. They had worked hard to progress very quickly in thier carrers. And how both families were happy and healthy. I felt so much joy and happiness in that moment. Grateful for the many gifts in my life. In the next breath and split second my joy was stripped away. Panic flooded me. In that moment I ju

This Day

My spirituality means living into my core values of compassion, justice and equity. My spirituality is not looking away from the pain, injustice and inequity I see in the face of others. My spirituality requires that I show up even if it’s hard. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Even if I don’t know how. My spirituality is defending our Mother Gaia and all her creatures who live upon her from those that would exploit, abuse and neglect. My spirituality is belonging and not just fitting in. My spirituality is being vulnerable in order to be creative and brave enough to dare. My spirituality allows me to stay out of judgement and lean into curiosity. My spirituality knows shame as the original sin t

Branding Mantra. Persistent Consistency.

Persistent consistency is the mantra of Branding. Knowing what you stand for. Passionately understanding what you care about. And appreciating what your products or services do for people. It comes from understanding the complexity and the nuances of who your company is as a brand. For example, an artisan chocolate maker has built a loyal following of customers who love their range of handcrafted, organic, Truffles. Just imagine how those customers would react to the launch of a new line of cheap cane sugar candy – complete with high-profile marketing campaign featuring kid star. It’s a complete disconnect. Customers who have become fans of your Truffle would be alienated and disappointed. A

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