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My spirituality means living into my core values of compassion, justice and equity.

My spirituality is not looking away from the pain, injustice and inequity I see in the face of others.

My spirituality requires that I show up even if it’s hard. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Even if I don’t know how.

My spirituality is defending our Mother Gaia and all her creatures who live upon her from those that would exploit, abuse and neglect.

My spirituality is belonging and not just fitting in.

My spirituality is being vulnerable in order to be creative and brave enough to dare.

My spirituality allows me to stay out of judgement and lean into curiosity.

My spirituality knows shame as the original sin that all carry and that empathy is the cure.

My spirituality is walking in my highest integrity. Knowing I will fall short at times and to forgive myself and try again.

My spirituality is the touchstone of my life that lets me know I am enough no matter how much I get done. Affirming I’ve lived my life to the fullest every day.

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