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Branding Mantra. Persistent Consistency.

Truffles are divine. And good for you too!

Persistent consistency is the mantra of Branding. Knowing what you stand for. Passionately understanding what you care about. And appreciating what your products or services do for people. It comes from understanding the complexity and the nuances of who your company is as a brand.

For example, an artisan chocolate maker has built a loyal following of customers who love their range of handcrafted, organic, Truffles. Just imagine how those customers would react to the launch of a new line of cheap cane sugar candy – complete with high-profile marketing campaign featuring kid star. It’s a complete disconnect. Customers who have become fans of your Truffle would be alienated and disappointed. And those who are new to the Truffles would be confused as to what the company was all about. The same applies to not only what you share online, as well as how you share it.

It does not matter if you are selling truffle chocolates (yum), or you’re selling your book, or your consulting online. Making your Brand Story as compelling as possible is the absolute fundamental crux of creating your perfect Brand.

How to find Brand in your objective.

The story of your brand is conveyed in many ways.

  • Visual identity

  • Tone of Voice

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media Channels

Branding Shortcuts. Sorry. There are no shortcuts to a comprehensive Branding process.

First and foremost, you have to take the time to firm up your brand story. (Flesh out the Brand Story and know you will be tweaking it but it’s solid enough that you can move forward.) With your Branding complete you have the material to move on and you can;

  • Build content plans,

  • Marketing activities

  • Align with Themes that are in accordance with your Brand.

Candy is great. But it is not a chocolate truffle.

Let’s take a minute to review this information and consider your audience. Here are some questions to ponder.

  • Is there uniformity with how you interact with customers, prospects, journalists and your blog readers?

  • Do you have a clear brand idea that anchors all of your content and messages?

  • Can you identify clear themes in what you present to your audience?

Email Karen for more information on developing your Branding Story.

Visit to learn more about business coaching that supports your vision.


Next week....I'll have an BRANDING OUTLINE. It'll list all the elements for your BRANDING STORY. It's a FREE! And it's yours next week. Stay tuned.

Sitting at my desk writing. It's a great view.
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