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Content is an investment in your business and should be aligned with your business goals.

In blogging like branding, content consistency is more important than quantity. Here's my quick list Blogging 101.

I'm sowing compassion. What are you sowing today?


Blogging is the act of writing in such a way that you are having a conversation with your reader.

Use the words you and I. If you are not using those words you are not including the reader in the conversation.

Sometimes, I will write one sentence paragraphs to help the reader stay with me. (smiley face)

Use Bold to help highlight your blog salient points.



Use Sub Headings as a way to help the reader understand the flow of the article.

Write a conclusion and make sure it’s Sub Heading says “Conclusion.”

Give you sources. It helps to make the reader trust you. This is priceless. Because trust is the commodity that brings readers back.

Use photos. Pictures speak a thousand words.



Your blog must engage the content in a way that the reader will think “Yes, that’s what I’m looking for.”

My experience, is it’s at that point of skimming down that the reader will now go back to the top of the article and read it with more critical eye. If your blog is how to do something make sure it’s actionable.

Don’t overthink it, though. The key is to act now, and gain momentum.

Most of all, have fun. It'll come through in your writing as interesting and not boring content and pics.

Next week I'll have that BRANDING OUTLINE I promised. It'll list all the elements for your BRANDING STORY. It's a FREE! And it's yours next week.

Stay tuned!

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